ANTSCA for Educators

ANTSCA believe that education is at the forefront of any industry. We want to raise standards across the surfacing sector. This starts with a high level of training.

All ANTSCA Education and Training  accredited facilities will provide students with courses of a high standard and delivered around our core values ‘PRIDE’. Where possible, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points must be given for courses. We want to raise standards within the industry for the benefit of your future students and consumers. We are actively working with a number of government agencies to raise standards across the board and lobbying for tighter regulations with our “Who Are You?” campaign.

In the near future, all government contractors will have to provide identification on-site for added security.

Any ANTSCA qualifying course will help enable your students to find a job through our accredited installer network. Any student wishing to find employment can email ANTSCA a copy of their CV and location they wish to work. We will then contact installers in those areas forwarding the student’s interest. This is a free service for all approved education centres.

Our core value 'PRIDE' is at the forefront of ANTSCA Education

Professional - Responsible - Integrity - Dependable - Excellence

Accredited Centres

Accredited training providers are the cornerstone of the industry. Better education leads to better standards across the growing industry

Gain New Local Business

ANTSCA Accredited Institutions are showing the highest calibre of education for students and ensuring our core values across your courses


Equality & Quality

ANTSCA Centres must ensure they treat all students equally at all times. Any surfacing course must reach our high standards

Accredited Courses

Your students are safe in the knowledge that you have attained the ANTSCA recognition whilst delivering excellence

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