ANTSCA are the surfacing industry trade association. We care about our accredited member’s customers. Always look for the ANTSCA Accredited Sign of Excellence when choosing a surfacing contractor.  

Improving Credibility

We give you the confidence when choosing the right professional installer

ANTSCA – The Surfacing Industry Trade Association. We Help Protect The Consumer

ANTSCA artificial grass trade association

Artifical Grass

ANTSCA are the Trade Association for the Artifical Grass Industry

ANTSCA, The ashphalt surfacing industry trade association

Traditional Surfacing

ANTSCA are the Trade Association for the Traditional Surfacing Industry

ANTSCA Wet pour rubber crumb trade association

Wet Pour Rubber Crumb

ANTSCA are the Trade Association for the Wet Pour Rubber Crumb Agency

Natural Surfacing

ANTSCA are the Trade Association for the Natural Stone Surfacing Industry.

ANTSCA, Resin boound and bonded surfacing industry trade association

Resin Bonded

ANTSCA are the Trade Association for the Resin Bonded Surfaces Industry

Play Areas, Sports Tracks & Stadia

ANTSCA members install Play Areas, Sports Tracks and Stadia surfaces in the UK.

ANTSCA – How We Help Protect Surfacing Industry Consumers

ANTSCA ID To Prevent Rogue Surfacing Industry Traders

All ANTSCA accredited members must carry an ID card detailing their company, recent image and valid expiry date. Our cards can be scanned using any smartphone to verify the installer. We check our installer’s credentials on an annual basis and will with-hold membership if deemed neccesary. The card is no longer valid after the displayed expiry date.

Surfacing Installation Inspections

ANTSCA selects a number of projects from our accredited installers for inspection. These checks can be carried out during and post construction to ensure they meet the required high standard and industry best practice.  We invite customer feedback on any of our approved members projects or tender applications.

ANTSCA – Assured High Standards

ANTSCA Accreditation has a stringent process. We only appove members with trading history and a proven track record in delivering successful installations.

Each company member must meet our exceptionally high standards and sign our Member’s Charter on an annual basis. We check the following yearly for your peace of mind;

  • Public Liabilty Insurance,
  • Trading Standards (on going and settled cases)
  • Education/Qualifications
  • Expertise History
  • ANTSCA Inspection Results
  • CSCS Card (if relevant)
  • Health & Safety Compliance
  • DBS Check (Platinum Members only)

All members must offer a relevant guarantee of works completed. Often, this is above what is specified by the manufacturer. Our Platinum members show the highest level of accreditation. All staff are DBS checked which forms a part of our “Who Are You?” campaign. This is essential for companies working with schools, hospitals, colleges or other young and vulnerable people institutions.


ANTSCA’s Platinum members are the highest standard and elite installers of surfacing. All Platinum members are DBS checked for your total peace of mind. ANTSCA Platinum members have regular industry site inspections and ensure all of our members fully adhere to our code of conduct and core values “PRIDE”.

Platinum members are mainly national companies who install surfacing to residential & commercial buildings such as NHS, Local councils and other government buildings. All Platinum ANTSCA members will carry a special card that states in clear letters ‘DBS checked’ for all on-site employees.

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